Why Debate?

There are lots of reasons you should join the society.

  1. You will be part of a large, welcoming social network. Societies are the easiest way to make friends at university.
  2. You will learn to think critically when analysing arguments.
  3. You will learn the proper structure of arguments, which will improve your essays.
  4. You will gain the ability to speak persuasively in front of a room full of people.
  5. Your seminar performance will improve, as you learn to isolate the important parts of what is being said.
  6. You become the unchallenged juggernaut of the argument in the pub.
  7. You will get to travel around the country, and maybe the world, every weekend.
  8. You have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night anyway.

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The Union

The Aberystwyth Debating Union was founded in 1872, and meets weekly to foster the use of debate as a means of exploring ideas.

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