Who’s Who

The committee is elected every year by all members of the Debating Union. They are responsible for the administration of the society, and act as the primary decision making body.

Auditor: Nick Dorey;

Nick, our Auditor, is the one who spends her Thursday meetings at the front making sure everyone stays in line and the meeting runs to time. You’ll either find our Auditor running the society from behind the scenes, or you’ll find him having studying party with friends at the Hugh Owen Library! Nick is currently studying International Politics and Intelligence studies and is highly approachable if you have any questions. Nick is currently Studying International Politics.

External Convenor: Dylan Williams;

Dylan is our External Convenor and acts as the Auditor in case the Auditor is not present. Dylan is in charge of organising our efforts to attend debating competitions outside of Aberystwyth. If you are worried about competitions not being your cup of tea, Dylan is the person to go to. Having attended quite a few competitions over the last year he can tell you all about them, perhaps over a cup of tea! Dylan studies international politics.

Internal Convenor: Francesco Marco Ciciulla;

Another friendly face sitting at the front and pouring over a list of names is Francesco, our Internal Convenor. He organises the main debates that we have at the end of each Thursday meeting. He is also an experienced debater and will happily give you advice for your next speech. Francesco is currently studying Spanish and English literature.

Treasurer: Alicia Jones;

Money is the name of the game and Alicia is in charge! If you are expecting reimbursement from going to one of the competitions you’ll need to get in touch with Alicia. Queen of the accounts, Alicia is making sure that we have enough money to try and cut down on the amount of money our members have to spend and she’s doing a great job keeping on top of things. Alicia is currently studying International politics

Secretary: James Brinn;

As Secretary James spends a lot of his time, head bowed and furiously scribbling what is being said during our meetings!  If you need anything from the society; the e-Mail of another committee member, to be added to the mailing list, or anything that you might need from us, James is the person to head to. James is currently studying International Politics


Social Secretary: Matt Maurer

Matt is in charge of herding the society across town as we make our way around our social route on a Thursday evening and ensuring that everyone has a good time. A proper gentleman Matt is always up for a friendly chat over a pint on the socials and can always be seen making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Matt is currently studying International Politics

Speakers Development Officers: Timothy J. Eldon& Alex Griffiths;

In charge of whipping our newest members into shape are Tim and Alex. Both top class debaters, they are the perfect duo for the job. They are both stop-shop of debating experience and anecdotes for those with the heart to take it.

Novice Representative: Unai Hernandez;

Unai has accomplished several things and plans on using such skills in her role. As novice rep, he plans on voicing the opinion of his fellow peers and ensuring that he does his best possible in order to rectify any issues they may be encountering. His main agenda is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and feels comfortable speaking openly while debating and thus using the skills learnt in other aspects of life.

Media Secretary: Liam Bird

Liam is the member in charge of advertising for events held or assisted by the society. Chances are, he’s probably the one who wrote this. If you have any events you need help advertising for and you can convince Nick that the Debate Society should help, he’s the one to speak to! Liam is currently studying LLB Law.

The Union

The Aberystwyth Debating Union was founded in 1872, and meets weekly to foster the use of debate as a means of exploring ideas.

Qui tacet, consentire videtur.

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