Debating Sci-Fi/Fantasy Themed Night!

Come show off your Sci-Fi/Fantasy knowledge with the debating society on the 23rd Feb at 7pm in C4 Hugh Owen.

We are holding science fiction themed debates. On important topics such as “Was the death star an economically sound decision?” or “Should we kill Marvin?”.

For great laughs come and join in.

Dewch i ddangos eich gwybodaeth ffug wyddonol/ ffantasi gyda’r gymdeithas ddadlau ar y 23ain o Chwefror am 7yh yn C4 Hugh Owen.

Rydym yn cynnal dadleuon thema ffuglen wyddonol ar bynciau pwysig fel “a oedd y ‘death star’ yn benderfyniad economaidd cadarn?” neu “A ddylem ladd Marvin?”.

Am hwyl a sbri dewch i ymuno.

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Grand Reforms – Change of Day

Following a proposal by the External Convener, A. R. Griffiths .Esq to the Executive Committee it has been decided in unanimity that the Debating Union will now no longer meet on a Tuesday evening. This decision was taken by the office bearers in response to a growing number of clashes with the meetings of other societies on a Tuesday evening and in an effort to attract more new members the committee surmised that the Union ought to meet on a different day of the week which would present fewer clashes with other societies. Therefore the Executive Committee makes the following decree:

From this day forward Aberystwyth Debating Union shall cease to meet in full session to conduct business on the second day of the week, called Tuesday. Rather by virtue of the authority vested in the Executive Committee, Aberystwyth Debating Union will henceforth convene upon  the fourth day of the week, called Thursday, to transact business regularly brought before the meetings.

God Save The Queen.

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Annual General Meeting – A.D. MMXVI

The Annual General Meeting was held in at 6pm in C4, Hugh Owen Building, Penglais Campus on the 26th day of April in the 64th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

A total of fifteen voting members were present. Mr Harry Hirsch-Bennion occupied the chair and opened the meeting by welcoming the members and thanking them for coming out to vote. Mr Hirsch-Bennion then moved to give a brief presentation on the various offices of the committee pertaining to their various rights, privelages, responsibilities and duties.

Mr Hirsch-Bennion then moved the meeting to the election of the office of Auditor. Three candidates were proposed and seconded; Mme. Meher Shiblee, Mr. Alexander Griffiths and Lt. Timothy J. Eldon. Each candidate was afforded three minutes to present an election speech to justify themselves before the gathered members. Mr. Griffiths was the first to speak and did so with great passion and zeal pledging to a manifesto of change, most crucially he proposed a radical change to the evening on which the society meets in order to attract more members to the society. Mme. Shiblee then addressed the meeting via video link from her room in Washington State University. Mme Shiblee also intimated the need for change however also argued for the need for continuity in the activities and organisation of the society. Lt. Eldon was the final candidate to address the meeting and spoke convincingly and powerfully of the need for a strong and able leader and a leader who would not fear change as a method of ensuring the vitality of the society.

After some questions to the candidates the meeting was moved to a ballot and after two rounds of counting Mme. Meher Shiblee was elected to the office on a margin of two votes against Lt. Eldon. The meeting then moved to elect the offices of treasurer and secretary as the most necessary positions for the continuity of the society. Mr. Niall Bunting was proposed and unanimously elected to the office of treasurer and Ms. Yalan Bao was elected to the office of Secretary on a margin of three votes. Mr. Alexander Griffiths was elected to the office of External Convener on a margin of six votes and as the most senior elected member present took the chair from Mr. Hirsch-Bennion in the absence of the new Auditor. Lt. Eldon was then elected to the office of Internal Convener on a margin of seven votes, Ms. J. Bryant to the office of Events Secretary on a margin of nine and Mr. J. Jones to Social Secretary on a margin on four.

The full results of the elections were as follows:

Auditor: 1st 2nd Treasurer: 1st
M. Shiblee 7 8 N. Bunting 15
T. Eldon 5 6
A. Griffiths 3
Secretary: 1st     Ext. Convener 1st
A. Thompson 6 A. Griffiths 10
Y. Bao 9 T. Eldon 2
A. Thompson 2
Abstention 1
Int. Convener 1st     Events Sec. 1st
T. Eldon 11 N. de Miranda 2
J. Bryant 4 J. Bryant 13
Abstention 2
Social Sec. 1st
A. Thompson 5
J. Jones 9
Abstention 1

At the conclusion of the elections Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Eldon presented the outgoing committee members; Mr. Harry Hirsch-Bennion, Ms. Lousie Doughty, Ms. Hayley Myles and Ms. Priya Shah with the gift of a book each in gratitude for their long service to the society and the committee.

The meeting was then closed in usual form until the opening of the new session in the next academic year.

God Save The Queen


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Constitutional Amendments

Tuesday 16th Day of February, Anno Dominus MMXVI

In light of the recent resignation of Mr. J. Nicholson two motions were placed before the House at a general meeting of the society held in C4 Hugh Owen. The motions were as follows:

I. Believing him to be a fit and worthy candidate, possessed of the necessary skills and attributes and believing such action to be for the greater good of this Society in future times, this House seeks to advance Mr. Alexander Griffiths to the office of External Convenor from his current post as Funding Officer, that he may conduct this society honourably in the competitive sphere and in such times as are deemed necessary perform the duties required of Vice-Auditor.II.Furthermore, believing the position of Funding Officer to be detrimental to this society by its volatility and superfluous to requirements in its nature this house seeks to abolish said office and transferring all responsibilities, powers and privileges contained therein to the office of Treasurer.

Both motions were passed, the prior by a margin of 9:2 and the latter unanimously, as such both motions have been enacted and the constitution edited accordingly.


God Save The Queen.


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Charity Debate

29 January 2012 : 18.30

This debates purpose was to spread the message of the charities involved whilst raising money in the progress, from a bake sale and donations.

Chair of the debate: Adam C (3).

Charities and representatives: 

  • Child Reach International – Jim (1).
  •  Time To Change Wales – Peter (2).
  •  StoneWall – Yamina (4).
  •  UNICEF – Vanessa (5).

Charity Debate People

Charity Debate – Numbered Left To Right.

All the candidates first gave a speech explaining their charities goals, and what they are attempting to change in the world. These had the themes of trying to help demographics of people who are unfairly treated.

Following was a short question and answer session. They agreed that they overlap and hope to one day not to be needed. The candidates also talked about what the charities meant to them.

After one round of voting:

  • Time To Change Wales.

The final winner of the debate:


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Meeting Held: 28th October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 21st October. Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard. It was also a Halloween themed night.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES it should be socially acceptable to be a slut.

  • The motion is proposed by Jack. He points out that most people enjoy sex and people should not shun what others enjoy. He also tells the house, that sex has multiple health benefits such as; keeps you physically fit, lowers stress levels and causes happiness. He also tells the house, that there is a difference between men and women in regards to being called a slut and each gender should be treated equal.
  • The motion is opposed by Yamina. She points out that sexual activity should not be judged by gender. She also points out that she finds the word slut offensive, because of the negative connotations the word has.
  • The motion is proposed by Karolien. She argues that women should face the challenge of the negative connotations head on, therefore they should keep the word in use. She also argues that women should do what they want, not what society expects them to do; as no-one would speak against your actions.
  • The motion is opposed by Josh. He tells the house that some things need offensive terms, because in history it was seen as dangerous to be a slut due to sexually transmitted diseases. He also points out that in Bristol, slut is no longer a gendered term, so is used for people who are sexually promiscuous. He tells the house that the people who most frequently use the word ‘slut’ are women, about other women, often with no evidence.

The motion passes by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race.


Hayley won the Halloween costume competition. As Medusa as partially seen below.

Halloween Themed Debating Meeting (28th Oct 2014) - Harry and Hayley

Harry and Hayley

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Bootcamp this Saturday!

This Saturday, we are doing a (free) boot camp for both novices and more advanced speakers! It takes place in the Training Room in the Thomas Parry library. This is on the Llanbadarn campus, not on the Penglais campus where debating meetings usually are. The boot camp starts at 10pm and ends at 5.30pm (with a lunch break).

How to get there

Bus 301 will get you there. It leaves at 09.35 at the bus station in town or at 09.40 on Penglais campus and gets you to Llanbadarn at 09.53. Karolien will be taking that bus (from Penglais) so you won’t have trouble finding the library once you’re in Llanbadarn. Be on time for the bus because it only comes once an hour and you might find yourself walking if you miss it!

What to bring

* Lots of paper

* Pens (preferably in different colours to distinguish your material from your rebuttal)

* A timer (your phone, for instance).

* Lunch, because the student restaurant there won’t open on Saturday

Why should I come?

You will learn more in one day than you could in a month of normal debating, you’ll gain lots of confidence, you’ll get to know other (novice) debaters a lot better, and you’ll feel well prepared for the Welsh Novices!

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Meeting Held: 21st October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 21st October. Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.


  • Halloween themed debating meeting next week (28th October 2014).
  • Sign up for Welsh Novices for the new members. Any member wishing to go and that has not signed up, should email the society.
  • A debating ‘Boot Camp’ is being held this Saturday (25th October 2014).

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES the European Union should offer asylum to women in countries that legislate against women.

  • The motion is proposed by Hayley. Hayley argues that by allowing women the ability to leave the countries where they are repressed, would be giving them their Human Rights. The EU has signed the Humans Right Act and this should be an extension to that.
  • The motion is opposed by Karolien. She points out that we should not force western ideologies on these women, because in these countries the women accept this as normal, so would not consent to leave. Also explained how women in these countries, who agree that women are oppressed should stay to promote positive change in these countries.
  • The motion is opposed by Arthur. He tells the house that offering asylum should be a last resort, and positive change should be a target instead. He also explains how women aware of these rights, leaving their respective countries would cause a loss of leadership.
  • The motion is proposed by Christian. Christian points out that helping even the smallest minority is good, and these people need protecting. He also points to the fact that there is no EU rights on women policy

The motion passes by popular vote.

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that students should be allowed to have pets in university accommodation.

  • The motion is proposed by Karolien. She pointed to the fact, that animals help relieve stress because you can hug it at night. It also would force students into a rhythm, as they can’t abandon their pet. Leading to cleaner students.
  • The motion is opposed by Jack. Jack doubts the fact that he can feed himself, no mind a pet. He also points out the expense of a pet, such as insurance and food costs. Also how, he feels that he grew as a person, without a pet as it was an experience.
  • The motion is opposed by Clare. Clare stated that animals are unhygienic. Also pointing out that she can’t keep the place clean, which is no place for a pet to live. Also says that the holidays would cause a problem for the pet, as it would be left without care. Finishing off by explaining that people might get ‘Cat Lady Syndrome’.
  • The motion is opposed by Yamina. She says that the animals may actually cause more stress, as you have to put effort into looking after them. Also people allergic may have to suffer. Also she pointed out that halls are incredibly small and there is not enough room for both a person and a pet. The pet could also be put under stress from parties and loud noises.

The motion fails by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that all states have a right to nuclear weapons.

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Meeting Held: 14th October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 14th October. First Year Representatives Elections, Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.

First Year Representative Elections


  • Sean
  • Ben
  • Joe
  • Meher (Elected)
  • Arthur
  • Tim
  • Yamina (Rejected Nomination)

A single-transferable-vote ballot was held. The Union is pleased to welcome Meher Shiblee to the committee as the First Year Representative.

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE WOULD would dub Nigel Farage with a french accent.

  • The motion is proposed by Jim. Who explains to the house that Nigel Farage has a lot of attention and that a French accent would make him seem ridiculous. He also makes of point of the fact that, the french accent itself is not ridiculous, just when its dubbed on to Nigel Farage. Jim also explains how this level of ridicule could cause UKIP to fall apart.
  • The motion is opposed by Sean. He urges the house to not insult Mr.Farage based on his actions of both him and his party. He should be allowed to have freedom of speech, and his ideas should be used to fuel a wider debate. Without his party in politics, it could cause a more disengaged working class.
  • The motion is opposed by Christian. Christian points of that this will give him even more attention therefore adding fuel to his party and to the media bias that his party has. He is just eccentric and eventually people will get used to this and he will lose votes when his novelty wears off. Finishing off saying, his policy ideas should be heard nevertheless.

The motion fails by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE WOULD allow performing enhancing drugs in sport.


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New Commitee and Debating session

Funding Officer Election

With Katie unfortunately having to leave the committee  due to a heavy work schedule the position of funding became vacant and an election was called. the candidates were Jamie, Rebecca, Louise and Dan with Dan winning on the first preference thereby becoming our newest and oldest committee member.

Private Members Motions

With the election taking up a large proportion of the time, PMM’s took a back seat and we only had time for one, that being THW give tax breaks to couples with children rather than to married/civil unions

Gesa proposed the motion on the grounds of the policy was meant to encourage couples to have children and protect a society’s reproduction. Gesa stated that the policy would work better on the grounds of it effects more people and that marriage should no longer have a superior legal status than other long term relationships.

Tom then opposed stating many of the more confusing elements of implementation, questioning the policies actually effect by showing that modern relationships are far more complex than Gesa tried to make it seem.

James also opposed stating it was homophobic and exclusionary policy with evidence that was only understood by him and possibly people who didn’t hear it

Karolien, following the cool trend, further gave weight to the opposition by discussing another role the status quo policy had which was that married couples are cheaper to the state as they are less likely to be lonely and suffer in silence. on top of this she stated that the policy is a good for women as it gives men, who always run off at 45, a rational reason to stay married and this gave women a bargaining chip to keep the man in their clutches.

Finally Andrew stepped into aid  Gesa with the first response in favour of the motion. stating if a women or a man needed a small financial reason to stay married then that was a bad relationship and should end. Further stating that the move to Gesa’s model would  encourage bad relationships to end to make everyone happier and society better off. he also said something about children being useful.

and the motion passed but really the abstentions won, so yay for apathy

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The Union

The Aberystwyth Debating Union was founded in 1872, and meets weekly to foster the use of debate as a means of exploring ideas.

Qui tacet, consentire videtur.

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