Annual General Meeting – A.D. MMXVI

The Annual General Meeting was held in at 6pm in C4, Hugh Owen Building, Penglais Campus on the 26th day of April in the 64th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

A total of fifteen voting members were present. Mr Harry Hirsch-Bennion occupied the chair and opened the meeting by welcoming the members and thanking them for coming out to vote. Mr Hirsch-Bennion then moved to give a brief presentation on the various offices of the committee pertaining to their various rights, privelages, responsibilities and duties.

Mr Hirsch-Bennion then moved the meeting to the election of the office of Auditor. Three candidates were proposed and seconded; Mme. Meher Shiblee, Mr. Alexander Griffiths and Lt. Timothy J. Eldon. Each candidate was afforded three minutes to present an election speech to justify themselves before the gathered members. Mr. Griffiths was the first to speak and did so with great passion and zeal pledging to a manifesto of change, most crucially he proposed a radical change to the evening on which the society meets in order to attract more members to the society. Mme. Shiblee then addressed the meeting via video link from her room in Washington State University. Mme Shiblee also intimated the need for change however also argued for the need for continuity in the activities and organisation of the society. Lt. Eldon was the final candidate to address the meeting and spoke convincingly and powerfully of the need for a strong and able leader and a leader who would not fear change as a method of ensuring the vitality of the society.

After some questions to the candidates the meeting was moved to a ballot and after two rounds of counting Mme. Meher Shiblee was elected to the office on a margin of two votes against Lt. Eldon. The meeting then moved to elect the offices of treasurer and secretary as the most necessary positions for the continuity of the society. Mr. Niall Bunting was proposed and unanimously elected to the office of treasurer and Ms. Yalan Bao was elected to the office of Secretary on a margin of three votes. Mr. Alexander Griffiths was elected to the office of External Convener on a margin of six votes and as the most senior elected member present took the chair from Mr. Hirsch-Bennion in the absence of the new Auditor. Lt. Eldon was then elected to the office of Internal Convener on a margin of seven votes, Ms. J. Bryant to the office of Events Secretary on a margin of nine and Mr. J. Jones to Social Secretary on a margin on four.

The full results of the elections were as follows:

Auditor: 1st 2nd Treasurer: 1st
M. Shiblee 7 8 N. Bunting 15
T. Eldon 5 6
A. Griffiths 3
Secretary: 1st     Ext. Convener 1st
A. Thompson 6 A. Griffiths 10
Y. Bao 9 T. Eldon 2
A. Thompson 2
Abstention 1
Int. Convener 1st     Events Sec. 1st
T. Eldon 11 N. de Miranda 2
J. Bryant 4 J. Bryant 13
Abstention 2
Social Sec. 1st
A. Thompson 5
J. Jones 9
Abstention 1

At the conclusion of the elections Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Eldon presented the outgoing committee members; Mr. Harry Hirsch-Bennion, Ms. Lousie Doughty, Ms. Hayley Myles and Ms. Priya Shah with the gift of a book each in gratitude for their long service to the society and the committee.

The meeting was then closed in usual form until the opening of the new session in the next academic year.

God Save The Queen


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