Constitutional Amendments

Tuesday 16th Day of February, Anno Dominus MMXVI

In light of the recent resignation of Mr. J. Nicholson two motions were placed before the House at a general meeting of the society held in C4 Hugh Owen. The motions were as follows:

I. Believing him to be a fit and worthy candidate, possessed of the necessary skills and attributes and believing such action to be for the greater good of this Society in future times, this House seeks to advance Mr. Alexander Griffiths to the office of External Convenor from his current post as Funding Officer, that he may conduct this society honourably in the competitive sphere and in such times as are deemed necessary perform the duties required of Vice-Auditor.II.Furthermore, believing the position of Funding Officer to be detrimental to this society by its volatility and superfluous to requirements in its nature this house seeks to abolish said office and transferring all responsibilities, powers and privileges contained therein to the office of Treasurer.

Both motions were passed, the prior by a margin of 9:2 and the latter unanimously, as such both motions have been enacted and the constitution edited accordingly.


God Save The Queen.


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