Charity Debate

29 January 2012 : 18.30

This debates purpose was to spread the message of the charities involved whilst raising money in the progress, from a bake sale and donations.

Chair of the debate: Adam C (3).

Charities and representatives: 

  • Child Reach International – Jim (1).
  •  Time To Change Wales – Peter (2).
  •  StoneWall – Yamina (4).
  •  UNICEF – Vanessa (5).

Charity Debate People

Charity Debate – Numbered Left To Right.

All the candidates first gave a speech explaining their charities goals, and what they are attempting to change in the world. These had the themes of trying to help demographics of people who are unfairly treated.

Following was a short question and answer session. They agreed that they overlap and hope to one day not to be needed. The candidates also talked about what the charities meant to them.

After one round of voting:

  • Time To Change Wales.

The final winner of the debate:


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