Meeting Held: 28th October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 21st October. Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard. It was also a Halloween themed night.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES it should be socially acceptable to be a slut.

  • The motion is proposed by Jack. He points out that most people enjoy sex and people should not shun what others enjoy. He also tells the house, that sex has multiple health benefits such as; keeps you physically fit, lowers stress levels and causes happiness. He also tells the house, that there is a difference between men and women in regards to being called a slut and each gender should be treated equal.
  • The motion is opposed by Yamina. She points out that sexual activity should not be judged by gender. She also points out that she finds the word slut offensive, because of the negative connotations the word has.
  • The motion is proposed by Karolien. She argues that women should face the challenge of the negative connotations head on, therefore they should keep the word in use. She also argues that women should do what they want, not what society expects them to do; as no-one would speak against your actions.
  • The motion is opposed by Josh. He tells the house that some things need offensive terms, because in history it was seen as dangerous to be a slut due to sexually transmitted diseases. He also points out that in Bristol, slut is no longer a gendered term, so is used for people who are sexually promiscuous. He tells the house that the people who most frequently use the word ‘slut’ are women, about other women, often with no evidence.

The motion passes by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race.


Hayley won the Halloween costume competition. As Medusa as partially seen below.

Halloween Themed Debating Meeting (28th Oct 2014) - Harry and Hayley

Harry and Hayley

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