Bootcamp this Saturday!

This Saturday, we are doing a (free) boot camp for both novices and more advanced speakers! It takes place in the Training Room in the Thomas Parry library. This is on the Llanbadarn campus, not on the Penglais campus where debating meetings usually are. The boot camp starts at 10pm and ends at 5.30pm (with a lunch break).

How to get there

Bus 301 will get you there. It leaves at 09.35 at the bus station in town or at 09.40 on Penglais campus and gets you to Llanbadarn at 09.53. Karolien will be taking that bus (from Penglais) so you won’t have trouble finding the library once you’re in Llanbadarn. Be on time for the bus because it only comes once an hour and you might find yourself walking if you miss it!

What to bring

* Lots of paper

* Pens (preferably in different colours to distinguish your material from your rebuttal)

* A timer (your phone, for instance).

* Lunch, because the student restaurant there won’t open on Saturday

Why should I come?

You will learn more in one day than you could in a month of normal debating, you’ll gain lots of confidence, you’ll get to know other (novice) debaters a lot better, and you’ll feel well prepared for the Welsh Novices!

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