Meeting Held: 21st October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 21st October. Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.


  • Halloween themed debating meeting next week (28th October 2014).
  • Sign up for Welsh Novices for the new members. Any member wishing to go and that has not signed up, should email the society.
  • A debating ‘Boot Camp’ is being held this Saturday (25th October 2014).

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES the European Union should offer asylum to women in countries that legislate against women.

  • The motion is proposed by Hayley. Hayley argues that by allowing women the ability to leave the countries where they are repressed, would be giving them their Human Rights. The EU has signed the Humans Right Act and this should be an extension to that.
  • The motion is opposed by Karolien. She points out that we should not force western ideologies on these women, because in these countries the women accept this as normal, so would not consent to leave. Also explained how women in these countries, who agree that women are oppressed should stay to promote positive change in these countries.
  • The motion is opposed by Arthur. He tells the house that offering asylum should be a last resort, and positive change should be a target instead. He also explains how women aware of these rights, leaving their respective countries would cause a loss of leadership.
  • The motion is proposed by Christian. Christian points out that helping even the smallest minority is good, and these people need protecting. He also points to the fact that there is no EU rights on women policy

The motion passes by popular vote.

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that students should be allowed to have pets in university accommodation.

  • The motion is proposed by Karolien. She pointed to the fact, that animals help relieve stress because you can hug it at night. It also would force students into a rhythm, as they can’t abandon their pet. Leading to cleaner students.
  • The motion is opposed by Jack. Jack doubts the fact that he can feed himself, no mind a pet. He also points out the expense of a pet, such as insurance and food costs. Also how, he feels that he grew as a person, without a pet as it was an experience.
  • The motion is opposed by Clare. Clare stated that animals are unhygienic. Also pointing out that she can’t keep the place clean, which is no place for a pet to live. Also says that the holidays would cause a problem for the pet, as it would be left without care. Finishing off by explaining that people might get ‘Cat Lady Syndrome’.
  • The motion is opposed by Yamina. She says that the animals may actually cause more stress, as you have to put effort into looking after them. Also people allergic may have to suffer. Also she pointed out that halls are incredibly small and there is not enough room for both a person and a pet. The pet could also be put under stress from parties and loud noises.

The motion fails by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that all states have a right to nuclear weapons.

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