Meeting Held: 14th October 2014

The Union met on Tuesday 14th October. First Year Representatives Elections, Private Members’ Bills, and a formal debate were heard.

Readers are reminded that members do not necessarily speak for their true political positions: The Union values the ability to make arguments that one does not personally hold as their own opinion.

First Year Representative Elections


  • Sean
  • Ben
  • Joe
  • Meher (Elected)
  • Arthur
  • Tim
  • Yamina (Rejected Nomination)

A single-transferable-vote ballot was held. The Union is pleased to welcome Meher Shiblee to the committee as the First Year Representative.

Private Members’ Bills

THIS HOUSE WOULD would dub Nigel Farage with a french accent.

  • The motion is proposed by Jim. Who explains to the house that Nigel Farage has a lot of attention and that a French accent would make him seem ridiculous. He also makes of point of the fact that, the french accent itself is not ridiculous, just when its dubbed on to Nigel Farage. Jim also explains how this level of ridicule could cause UKIP to fall apart.
  • The motion is opposed by Sean. He urges the house to not insult Mr.Farage based on his actions of both him and his party. He should be allowed to have freedom of speech, and his ideas should be used to fuel a wider debate. Without his party in politics, it could cause a more disengaged working class.
  • The motion is opposed by Christian. Christian points of that this will give him even more attention therefore adding fuel to his party and to the media bias that his party has. He is just eccentric and eventually people will get used to this and he will lose votes when his novelty wears off. Finishing off saying, his policy ideas should be heard nevertheless.

The motion fails by popular vote.

Main Debate

THIS HOUSE WOULD allow performing enhancing drugs in sport.


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