Minutes Meeting 22 October 2013

Omar proposed that motion that This House Believes That Capitalism Has Failed. He argued that as an ideology, it has not been benefiting people and that its founding ideas have become subverted. Andrew spoke against the motion, arguing (somehow?) that we are more important that nature. Also the state is inefficient. Karolien spoke against the motion, arguing that capitalism has the duty to create wealth without guidelines, and that it is the role of states to set the rules of the game. She pointed out that capitalism has created an enormous amount of wealth throughout history. As such, states rather than capitalism have failed us. Saara spoke in favour of the motion, detailing the problems with insecurity and with big companies, and talking with great passion about the situation in Southern America. James argued against the motion, saying that capitalism has faltered, not failed. David spoke in favour, arguing virulently against Thatcher and the capitalist principle of the survival of the fittest. After a vote and a re-vote to be sure, the motion failed by a very narrow margin.

Saara then proposed that This House Would Ban Solitary Confinement. She characterized it as an aggravated punishment; talked about mental health risks; and said that ethnic minorities are systematically discriminated against as they are put in solitary confinement to ‘protect’ them from racist. Chris spoke against, detailing that solitary confinement can be helpful. After a much less enthusiastic vote, this motion too failed.

The House then sat down in three different rooms to examine the motion that This House Would Allow the Option of Euthanasia for All Prisoners Serving Life Sentences. This was inspired by a case in Belgium in which a convicted murderer asked for euthanasia.

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