Notice of Election: Interim Social Secretary

An election for the post of Social Secretary will be held on Tuesday the 12th of March. The winning candidate will become the Social Secretary of the Union, until the annual elections happen later this semester. At that point, as with all other members of the committee, they will be replaced by their newly elected counterparts.

You should be familiar with the duties the constitution binds you to before running for this post. All members can stand for election. Winning this election does not preclude you from winning the main elections later this semester: You can be elected to the committee as many times as you like.

In order to stand for election, you must secure the support of:

  • A member to nominate you for the post
  • A separate member to second your nomination.

The Auditor will ask nominating members to present their nominations at the beginning of the election. All candidates who are nominated and seconded will be given the opportunity to address the house for three minutes. After the three minutes have elapsed, questions will be taken from the floor.

It is important that you have specific, actionable plans before you run for the post. The house will expect to be told what you have planned, what your priorities are, etc. It would be unwise to forgo creating such plans between now and the day of the election. For this post, you might consider explaining what social activities you have planned, what (if anything) you would change about the regular socials, etc.

Best of luck,

-Tito (Auditor)

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