Cardiff IV 2013

Last weekend, we attended the Cardiff IV.


  • Tito Sarrionandia (with Zal Shukla from Kaplan) – Composite Would you kindly
  • Karolien Michiels (with Ed Mancey from Warwick) – Composite Cheating on Tito
  • Christian Denman & Nicole Hyatt – Aber Punk
  • Angelita Damola & Molly Dunn – Aber Mod


  • Ollie Newlan (DCA)
  • Sofi Newsham
Hurricane Katrina Style

Hurricane Katrina Style

Crash was unconventional: We curled up on the floor of an old community hall. To get into the blitz spirit, we listened to the shipping forecast and anthem on Radio 4.

The social featured enough free cheap beer and pizza to stave off a famine.

 Congratulations to Karolien and Ed for breaking first to the final, and to Sofi for breaking as a judge. Congratulations to all debaters for surviving another journey in Tito’s car.
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