Announcement of 2013 Presidential Debate

The Debating Union will host the 2013 Presidential Debate of the Aberystwyth Students’ Union.

Date: March 5th 2013
Venue: Main Room, Students’ Union Building
Time: TBC (evening)

Each year, the Debating Union hosts a debate between all candidates that have submitted nominations for election to the post of President at the Students’ Union. The debate provides a venue for real analysis and scrutiny of platforms. Candidates will receive their invitations once the nominations have been announced. In the tradition of the Debating Union, candidates who choose not to attend will be represented by an empty chair.

Candidates should expect to have their opinions and proposals subjected to rigorous and lively scrutiny.


The debate will be split into a number of topics. The topics will probe candidates on their opinion or their intended course of action on a particular issue.

Each candidate, in turn, will first be given time to summarise specifically what they intend to do, or where they stand, on the issue. Afterwards, they will be asked to justify their position in a comparative way, explaining not only why it is their opinion, but also why it is the optimum resolution to the issue in question, in the context of alternative resolutions.

The initial issues will be revealed in advance, further issues will be collected from the audience.


The debate will be chaired by the Auditor of the Debating Union.

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The Aberystwyth Debating Union was founded in 1872, and meets weekly to foster the use of debate as a means of exploring ideas.

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