Berlin: Day one

For those of you unaware, Aber are currently in Berlin for the World Universities Debating Championship. Tito and Ollie are speaking as Aberystwyth A, and Sam Vincent is judging. We’ll try to post every day from now on.

Arrivals Day

After arriving at the hotel room, we unpacked our things, went to the nearest supermarket, purchased several crates of beer, a keg of beer, spirits and mixers, and cooled them in the bathtub. We held the “Friends of Wales” party in the hotel room. The room was packed full of people, and everybody got much too drunk. Sam convinced the bar to lend us some supplies, which enabled him to mix dry martinis in the bathroom (Wales has panache).

Tito’s fingers are still in pain from the drunken attempt to repair James Bowker’s (Birmingham) trousers with a sewing kit, the bedroom still reeks of alcohol, and a strange pair of women’s boots is still in our bedroom.

According to the convenors, room party antics caused a group of airline pilots to not get any sleep, which resulted in several flights from Berlin’s Tegel airport being grounded the next day. Whoops.

Briefing Day

We missed all of the briefings. Hangovers needed to be nursed.

We did, however, fail to get into the Pergamon museum (now known as the Pokémon museum), succeed at visiting the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag, and go out for lunch with Warwick. Which was lovely.

The jazz social was fun, one Euro beers and ample amounts of mulled wine made it so.

Day One

Round 1: This house would build public housing in wealthy areas. The Aber team took the first in this round, and Sam managed to roll the DCA.

Round 2: This house believes that Japan should acquire nuclear weapons. Aber took a second from closing opposition. After learning the lesson from the Birmingham final, Tito chose not to run the “threat of a threat – metathreat” analysis.

Round 3: This house would only imprison people who pose a direct threat to society. Aber took another second from opening government, losing out to the (awesome) team from Hong Kong, on a split decision between Victor Finkel and James Hardy.

In the evening, we decided to abandon the (lame) gender night in favour of Jordan Anderson’s (bad ass) poker game. We convened in the secret basement of the hotel (it exists…), for beer and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Aber are on +1 at the end of three rounds.

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  • Karolien

     Whoop whoop from Belgium. Keep going. Michael is happy about how you’re doing. He keeps saying f*cking followed by nice adjectives. xx

  • Tommy Cave

    “After learning the lesson from the Birmingham final, Tito chose not to run the “threat of a threat – metathreat” analysis.”
    I’m trying to decide if the debating benefits of this are outweighed by the hilarity of that material.  Tito may have lost the final debate at Bham, but he won at life.

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