Weekly Update

Show Debate

The show debate was well attended, the motion under examination was: This House would Outlaw the Church of Scientology.

Government Opposition
Zuzana Podracka Samuel Vincent
Harry Warne Andrew Gordon
Michael Keary Tom Trevarthen
Karolien Michiels Tito Sarrionandia

The motion was voted on by ballot. By some margin, the house voted NOT to outlaw the Church of Scientology.

The social afterwards was very well attended, and very lively, attested to by the poor attendance at the following morning’s committee meeting.

From the Committee

  1. We were in discussions with The Cambrian as a potential sponsor. After visiting it on Tuesday, it has been decided that it does not suit our purposes, and it will not be present on the schedule of the next social.
  2. A mentoring scheme has been approved. Starting from Tuesday, all novice members will be assigned a point-of-contact in the Union with whom they can discuss their progress.

BOS Cards

It’s important that members get BOS cards. These are available from the reception of the Student’s Union, please acquire one and bring it to the next meeting. Doing so will increase our eligibility from grants, and insure you when you come on trips with us.

New Members

If you missed last Tuesday’s meeting, don’t worry, it was just a show debate. Come to the next meeting, and we’ll sort everything out.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday (9th October) at 6pm, in room D5 of the Hugh Owen building. Speaker development will start on Tuesday, which will be your opportunity to start building some skills. If you’re terrified of public speaking, you’ll get loads out of this meeting, so come along.

Private Member’s Bills

Member’s are invited to bring Private Member’s Bills to the next session. Members have three minutes to discuss any motion they choose: It could be a political policy, a general belief, or a venture into the absurd. Other members will be invited to speak both in favour of, and in opposition to, the bills as they are presented.

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  • Karolina

    Love this concept of weekly updates (if we had it last year, I failed to notice it). See you all on Tuesday!

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